“The beauty of Mountain Brook is not a thing of a few years’ development, it has been there for centuries.”

– Robert Jemison, Jr.

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Jemison Park consists of lands along Watkins Brook (Cahaba Road) and along Shades Creek (Mountain Brook Parkway). Robert Jemison, Jr., the developer of Mountain Brook, reserved these lands from adjacent estates to be preserved in their natural state as a park of plants. “Always the aim has been to reveal the original beauties of the region in unexpected spots. Not a tree has been disturbed nor a branch cut without forethought for the finished picture,” said Jemison of his project.

Jemison Park is now a 54-acre preserved area in the City of Mountain Brook used for walking, jogging, reading, bird watching, and enjoying a picnic. The natural beauty of the area makes it one of the most popular walking attractions in the city. Paved and unpaved paths tie into the city’s sidewalk system, allowing residents easy access to the park. The trails total 2.5 miles from Watkins Road to Beechwood Road. Street side parking is available along Mountain Brook Parkway, Overbrook Road and Beechwood Road.

2022-2023 Board Members
Sally Worthen – President
Jenny McCain- Vice President
Lindsay S Puckett – Treasurer
Ann Chambliss 
Nimrod Long
Graham Smith- Non Voting Member 

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