Archaeology of Jemison Park

“The little streams that feed Shades Creek and the creek itself, like all waters, attracted Indians. Jemison Park had its share of Indians. Over forty sites of Indian activity have been found and recorded along Shades Creek and its small tributaries.

Most of the sites are what is known as Woodland, embracing the time period from about 5000 years ago to the time of Christ. The artifacts are easily identifiable for this was the beginning of pottery production and, alas, the time when arrow and spear points took a cruder form than in the earlier Paleo and Archaic cultural periods which began here in Alabama over 10,000 years ago.

One of the most interesting recent finds in the vicinity of Jemison Park was made when bulldozers were clearing land for Samford University. It was near the Parkway that a Folsom point was discovered, a point that is dated at 10,000 years.

Although floods and vegetation have covered the Indian remains, all who walk through the natural loveliness of Jemison Park might enjoy remembrances of those who have passed this way long before.”

– Brittain Thompson, 1978


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